Truss Special Offer – Kit for Man + Gift

• 1 unit of Truss Man Nature Shampoo
• 1 unit of Truss Man Nature Conditioner
• 1 unit of Truss Fix Pomade
• 1 gift – Bag for carrying the products.


Truss Man Nature Shampoo & Conditioner
Promotes a clean and fresh feeling. Helps to prevent acne, folliculitis and dandruff, reducing redness and irritation of the scalp, beard and skin. It has an efficient deodorant action. With physiological pH level. For Hair, Beard and Skin.

Truss Fix Pomade
Medium hold and texture. Matte effect. Can be used to style dry or damp hair.

When you buy the kit you get a leather bag to carry your products.


Angels Distributor

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