Truss Miracle Duo Kit

Shampoo and Conditioner kit for all hair types. Recovers elasticity, strength and provides softness and 3D shine. Returns the natural flexibility of the fiber, ends frizz and keeps hair silky and smooth for a long time.



1 Truss Miracle Shampoo
TRUSS Miracle Shampoo is indicated for hair repair and healthy growth of all hair types. Acts by increasing elasticity and resistance, making the strands more resistant to breakage, in addition to providing intense shine with 3D effect, softness and reducing frizz. Hair becomes light, smooth and with a radiant luminosity. With color protection action and anti-aging active ingredients.

1 Truss Miracle Conditioner
For all hair types, the Miracle Conditioner is a premium hair treatment: increases elasticity and resistance, provides an extraordinary shine and softness, in addition to reducing frizz. Powerful for a healthy hair growth, it also counts on anti-aging active ingredients and color protection. Dye-free and with physiological pH, it is ideal for daily use.

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