Truss Blond Duo Kit

Daily treatment shampoo and conditioner for blonde, bleached or highlighted hair. Combats yellowish tones and strengthens hair strands. The violet pigments of the Truss Blond Kit neutralize the yellowish tones of the hair caused by oxidation. It also increases elasticity and seals the cuticles, which provides more resistance against breakage, besides constant luminosity and softness that lasts the whole day.



1 Truss Blond Shampoo
Special shampoo with a blend of violet pigments to neutralize orange tones in blond and bleached hair and yellow tones in gray hair. Restores strength, resistance and natural flexibility of strands, leaving them softer and shinier. With physiological pH and salt-free, it is ideal for daily use and color protection.

1 Truss Blond Conditioner
The Blond Conditioner is perfect for blond, bleached or gray hair because it restores the strength, resistance and natural flexibility of strands, leaving them softer, shinier and more hydrated. With frequent use, strands become nourished and with cuticles sealed; the violet pigments present in the Blond Conditioner also protect against the yellowing of strands, caused by external aggressions, such as the sun and heat sources. Ideal for daily use.

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